This "A.I. Powered" System Will Book Your Business An Extra 10-20 High-Intent Demos Every Week
With Sophisticated Prospects, Who Are Ready To Buy Your High-Ticket Product or Service. Video Shows How.

Some Brands We've Built Systems For :

Kreios Media





Some of Our Client Results 🎯 

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@luke_overton_ • 19th April 2023

I went from booking only 2 calls in 3 months to now consistently booking 5-10 high quality calls per week for under 10USD/call, and I only spent 10mn per day managing the system. Thijs also helped put together a very powerful sales letter that literally shot me from 0 - $10k/m in just a couple of weeks, and I'm now signing $10k - $15k per deal every month.

Luke Overton

Founder at / $200K ARR in 3 weeks.

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@Jordi Esygn • 23th February 2023

Thijs helped me built a client acquisition machine in a matter of weeks. I'm currently booking 6-8 meetings per day, everyday consistently. I would definitely recommend Thijs to anybody whose looking to scale their acquisition!

Jordi Esygn

Founder at ESYGN / 6-8 Meetings Booked Daily

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@ericeliah • Mar 12, 2022

What Thijs delivered for me was out of this fucking world. This will generate me close to half a million this year in terms of revenue... Every day that you're not talking with this guy, you're basically losing money.

Eric Eliah

Founder at / $500k Cash in 2 Years

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@justnlalonde • December 09, 2022

I basicly started from zero wit cold email, getting my feet wet and now we're doing much better results, actually getting a consistent 1% book rate on cold.

Justin La Londe

Founder at Wizo Media / $500,000 ARR Run Rate

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@jason_mengg • April 24, 2022

I was really starting from zero and within 4 weeks I'm booking 5 meetins/week and contracted $5000 in new revenue.

Jason Meng

Founder at theUpscale / $100,000 ARR Run Rate

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@pascalsohler • June 02, 2022

Helping me automate my email outreach took me to a whole different level... I got insane value out of this... My agency went from around $2k/mo to doing over $12k/mo with my agency, and that's definetly due to cold email...

Pascal Sohler

Founder at theUpscale / $150,000 ARR Run Rate

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